Cauku was awarded “Leading Enterprise” in the 2022 Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area Strategic Emerging Industries Conference,Chairman Charle


Recently,the results of the 2022 Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area Strategic Emerging Industries 'Pilot company' and 'Young Leaders' were recently announced.


Cauku was selected as one of the "Top 50 Leading Companies" after a seven-month process of press release, call for applications, preliminary screening of materials, on-site research and comprehensive assessment, and with the four characteristics of focus and professionalism, resilience, industrial commitment and emphasis on innovation.


Dedicated and professional

As the inventor of the lithium-ion portable emergency jump starter, Cauku focuses on the niche market of car starting in the automotive aftermarket. On the premise of mastering the key technologies in the industry, the company focuses on the research and development, introduction and transformation of the core technologies of the car emergency starter power supply, continuously investing in research and development and breaking through the existing technologies.



In the era of low growth, Cauku combines the company's existing advantages in research and development of lithium application technology to create four major brands focusing on lithium applications. By creating a strong brand - Cauku, we enhance the brand effect of our products, build stronger ties with customers and related stakeholders, and seize growth opportunities to grow against the trend.


Industrial commitment

DSLI IV generation core technology, leading the industry, won the European and American invention patents, can make the car jump starter products start faster, higher and safer, greatly reducing the product high temperature start failure rate.


Focus on innovation

Carku has applied for a total of 727 patents and has now been granted 437 global patents. Carku has cooperated with Peking University and Tsinghua University in industry-university research and has set up a first-class R&D laboratory in China, and invests tens of millions of dollars in R&D every year.

The core team brings together hundreds of senior research experts in the lithium battery industry and has won a number of research results and awards: China Patent Excellence Award, Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award, Shenzhen Technology Tackling Key Projects, Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record, etc.


The Chairman is the ultimate bearer of responsibility for corporate development and social responsibility. As the head of Cauku, Chairman Charles LEI has been awarded as a Shenzhen Leading Talent and a High Level Talent of Longhua District.

At the conference, he was also recognised by professionals from all walks of life as a Young Leader in the second edition of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area Strategic Emerging Industries.


Through innovation and creativity, he made the young enterprise develop into the Specialized, Special and New "Little Giant" Enterprise and National High Tech Enterprise, injecting new vitality into the economic growth; creating the lithium portable emergency power station and taking with the original intention of serving the country and revitalising the national industry, the company has been moving forward at the tip of the storm; it insists on innovation and development and promotes the progress of the industry.


As a dynamic force in the rapid development of strategic emerging industries, Chairman Charles LEI will continue to lead Cauku forward in the future, taking up the national strategic mission, insisting on independent innovation, focusing on industrial upgrading and playing an important leading and responsible role in the industrial chain.

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