Exhibition Review Shenzhen International Battery Technology Exhibition Ended With Honors


Exhibition Review

Shenzhen International Battery Technology Exhibition Ended With Honors

From December 1st to December 3rd, 2021, the 3-day Shenzhen International Battery Technology Exhibition (IBTE) was successfully launched at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the world's leading and world-class professional battery technology exhibition, this exhibition focuses on power batteries, energy storage batteries and 3C batteries. It is an indispensable platform for communication, learning and procurement, which further promotes the in-depth development of battery technology in the industry. Carku attended the exhibition with outdoor energy storage power supply, which not only showed the quality of the product to the public, highlighted the brand influence, but also exchanged and discussed with many industry experts through this exhibition, learned from each other, and promoted the progress of energy storage products to a higher level.

The exhibition lasted for 3 days. Carku Outdoor Portable Power Station attracted the attention of many exhibitors with its excellent appearance design and diversified functions. In the mutual exchange and discussion, Carku Outdoor Portable Power Station relies on its own excellent product strength, has won unanimous praise and recognition from visitors.

In addition to the product exhibition, the on-site staff also demonstrated the functions of the outdoor power supply and answered the questions of the visitors patiently and in detail. Through the on-site demonstration operation, the audience can feel the practicality and Carku's brand strength.

At the exhibition site, the wonderful appearance of the high-value outdoor power supply PB22 electric +1500 caught the attention of many exhibitors, and the wonderful interaction of the scene style pushed the grand occasion of the exhibition to a climax.

Electric+1500 has a large capacity of 1408Wh, and uses a lithium iron phosphate battery with a longer service life. Its excellent compatibility meets the basic electricity needs of daily travel and emergency situations. It adopts sine wave AC power and can easily adapt to 1500W and below. Provides power to a variety of devices without causing damage to the device. In addition, the power +1500 also supports the use of a secondary battery (PB26), and the backup battery capacity is also 1408Wh, which is equivalent to doubling the capacity and meets the needs of large-capacity electricity consumption. The three charging methods of solar panel charging, car charging, and AC power adapter charging can adapt to different scene environments, so you dont have to worry about charging anymore. As a large-capacity outdoor power supply, Electric+1500 is not only suitable for travel and household emergency use of electricity, but also widely used in many fields such as rescue and disaster relief, surveying and mapping maintenance, photography live broadcast, etc., with a wide range of applications.

As the world's largest and most influential international battery industry event, the International Battery Technology Exhibition has been recognized by many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and actively promoted the development of China's battery industry. During the exhibition, Carku made full use of this opportunity to negotiate and communicate with enterprises in the industry, and learn from them. Although the exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, the pace of Carku's deep research and development will not stop. In the future, Carku will continue to break through the waves to create a more professional and reliable outdoor power supply, provide users with a more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more reliable outdoor power consumption solution, and improve the quality of outdoor travel for the public.

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