CARKU 2020 4th Fun Games held successfully


On November 28, the 4th CARKU 2020 Fun Games was successfully held in Huizhou Jialundu Sports Mansion. The theme of this fun sports meeting is "Working together to overcome the difficulties, facing difficulties and reaching new heights", aiming to enrich the cultural life of employees and enhance teamwork between departments.

First of all, with the cheerful music, the 12 teams have assembled. Looking at these confident faces, I believe this game will be very exciting.

This was followed by an impassioned opening speech by Lei Yun, Chairman of CARKU Group.

Blow the assembly call, ready to go.

The Games has a total of multiple events such as hand in hand, wise and courageous breakthrough, extreme speed T-shirt, chasing the wind, running the universe, concentrating on strength, rolling money, running brothers, 200M relay race, 5K marathon, etc., with unique characteristics And the interesting projects with bright spots not only tested everyone's personal ability, but also showed the team spirit of each team.

During the competition, each team dresses uniformly and proceeds in an orderly manner in accordance with the requirements of the rules. The leaders of the company actively participate, pushing the atmosphere to a climax.

Everyone is one mind,Work together.

The relay race changed from the previous format and emphasized the fun. The participating players all tied resistance bags around their waists and ran "crazy" on the field.

I believe that everyone who has seen running men has an understanding of Shiatsu, because the broadcast of the program has become an indispensable prop for many young people's activities. We are no exception. We also set up a Shiatsu board in the Run Bar Brothers activity. In addition to adding a lot of fun to the activity, the most important thing is to massage the acupoints on the soles of the feet and promote blood circulation.

The final 5km marathon is not only a physical competition, but also a test of one's endurance and willpower. The perseverance of all the runners participating in the marathon moved all the onlookers quite moved.

Finally, CARKU general manager Zhang Zhifeng delivered the closing speech, fully affirming the importance of the games and holding an award ceremony.

Moment of glory

After fierce competition, the team with the highest accumulated points was the "Young People Do Not Pay Attention to Martial Ethics", followed by the "Wind and Waves Team" and "The Team That the Boss Said", and many other outstanding individuals and teams emerged. So far, the fun games have been completed. Complete the victory closing.

The successful holding of this sports meeting not only increased the enthusiasm of the employees, but also strengthened the cohesion of the company, enhanced the spirit of communication and unity and cooperation among everyone, and also built a place for employees to show their talents, enhance friendship, and hone their will. platform.

The Games ended successfully
But exercise and happiness never stop
We will continue to maintain our original aspirations, work together to overcome the difficulties and rise to new heights
Forge ahead hand in hand to create success together

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