Making cross-country Warmth│CARKU & Einhell donated car jump starters to Turkey quake-hit region


On February 6, 2023, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake occurred in Turkey. As of today, more than 35,000 people were killed and tens of thousands were injured in Turkey and Syria.


After learning about the damage caused by the earthquake, Einhell urgently contacted CARKU to initiate an emergency donation for disaster relief. CARKU responded immediately and quickly mobilized the company's resources to prioritize the preparation of materials to be sent to Turkey.




Through the joint efforts of CARKU and Einhell, the required materials were assembled and sent to Turkey within one day. It is reported that this batch of car jump starters will be used to assist local emergency relief work, and all products have been tested to have the following functions:


Emergency lighting and electronic equipment charging to meet basic electricity needs

The product is basically equipped with USB-A and USB-C interfaces, which can support the basic power demand of digital products such as mobile phones and tablets. In addition, the products are equipped with LED lights, with lighting/warning/SOS modes, which can be applied to various scenarios.


Instantly start the car at low temperature, increasing the golden rescue time


Turkey belongs to the mid-latitude region, and the temperature in February can reach below zero. The CARKU jump starter that can instantly start a 12V/24V car at low temperature can help rescuers quickly power up the car and shorten the delay time due to accidents.


Ten protection functions to avoid secondary explosion damage


CARKU jump starters have ten functions such as short-circuit protection,overcharge protection, over-temperature protection, and reverse connection protection, which can avoid secondary damage caused by operational errors, such as reverse connection of the positive and negative poles of the car.

Making cross-country Warmth

We hope that these products will do what they can for the local relief teams and people in the affected areas, bringing some of the "warmth" from China.

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